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2A. (Room 108/109)  Using Public Records to Help Ensure Representative (Diverse) Trial Juries in Your County: Representative trial juries have been proven to be more deliberative and can prevent implicit bias from infecting the jury’s decision making.  This workshop will summarize Iowa caselaw and the constitutional cross-section requirement intended to secure a representative trial jury and demonstrate how advocates and attorneys can access and understand jury pool and panel data and advocate for representativeness.  David Walker, and Russell Lovell, Jr.  Co-Chairs, Iowa-Nebraska, Des Moines NAACP Legal Redress Committee

2B. (Room 112/113) Three Approaches to Violence Reduction: Violence reduction isn't one-size-fits-all. Join us to explore three successful programs, renowned nationwide and in the Midwest: 1. The "Cure Violence" model; 2. Cultivating Culture Developing Communities model; 3. The Minneapolis Neighborhood Safety Department model. Learn from the leaders behind these models and their paths to success. Panelists:  Ivette Muhammad, of Creative Visions Human Development Institute; Tony Wilson of Cultivating Culture Developing Communities and Luana Nelson-Brown, MSPH Director, Neighborhood Safety Department, City of Minneapolis

2C. (Room 114/115) REFORM Alliance:  The REFORM Alliance is an organization dedicated to transforming the criminal justice system in Iowa through policy, advocacy, community engagement and education. They strive to reduce the state's prison population, promote alternatives to incarceration, and ensure fair and equitable treatment for all individuals impacted by the justice system. Kameron Middlebrooks, REFORM Alliance

2D. (Room 107)  How Communities Can Collectively Change Youth Justice from the Inside Out: Youth Justice Initiative (YJI) and Rebels for Peace are calling for a revolution of our hearts and minds to connect as humans to forge collective solutions.  Join this facilitated conversation about restorative practices, resilience, unity and youth leadership.  Prince Jimmar and Dajohn White, Co-founders of Rebels for Peace and Jennifer Hahn and Ashlee Swinson of Youth Justice Initiative (YJI)

2E. (Room 106) Overcoming Reentry Barriers:  Formerly incarcerated individuals share their stories of navigating the reentry process.  They’ll share key tools that worked for them; the barriers they had to overcome as they rebuilt their lives; and how they are working to help other returning citizens.  Moderator: Robert Pate, Executive Director, IMAGE 4 LIVES Reentry Program.  Panelist: Mark Anthony Knowles, Rome Daring Bey, Charles Brewton, Brian Lee and Travis Shulling

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