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1A. (Room 108/109) Using Public Records to Help Ensure Representative (Diverse) Trial Juries in Your County: Representative trial juries have been proven to be more deliberative and can prevent implicit bias from infecting the jury’s decision making.  This workshop will summarize Iowa caselaw and the constitutional cross-section requirement intended to secure a representative trial jury and demonstrate how advocates and attorneys can access and understand jury pool and panel data and advocate for representativeness.  David Walker, and Russell Lovell, Jr.  Co-Chairs, Iowa-Nebraska, Des Moines NAACP Legal Redress Committee

1B. (Room 112/113) Iowa’s New Diversion Process Gives Justice Involved Youth New Beginnings :   As a result of the Juvenile Justice Task Force Recommendations, Iowa Juvenile Court Services has a new Diversion Policy that will offer many Iowa youth offenders a second chance.  This session covers both levels of the Policy that went into effect June 5, 2023, and includes the rationale used to formulate the policy, as well as the goals of the policy.  Attendees will hear examples of juvenile cases eligible for diversion and the initial impact it is having in juvenile justice. John McEnany, Juvenile Court Services Supervisor, First Judicial District

1C. (Room 107) How Communities Can Collectively Change Youth Justice from the Inside Out: Youth Justice Initiative (YJI) and Rebels for Peace are calling for a revolution of our hearts and minds to connect as humans to forge collective solutions.  Join this facilitated conversation about restorative practices, resilience, unity and youth leadership.  Prince Jimmar and Dajohn White, Co-founders of Rebels for Peace and Jennifer Hahn and Ashlee Swinson of Youth Justice Initiative (YJI)

1D. (Room 114/115) Victim Assistance 101: Crime Victim Compensation:  This training will provide attendees with important information about the different programs that are available to survivors of crimes and their families through the Victim Assistance Section 1. Ms. Gretchen Brown-Waech, Programs Coordinator, & Ms. Brenda Bash-Cooper, Compensation Specialist, Victim Assistance Section - Iowa Attorney General's Office

1E. (Room 106) How Has Law Enforcement Changed Since 2020?  Join us for a workshop where police chiefs and law enforcement professionals discuss changes in policing since 2020, emphasizing fair and equitable practices and addressing racial disparities and mental health. Learn about reforms, community relations, technology, training, accountability, and community involvement impacting change.  Moderator:  Kevin Sanders, President, Iowa City NAACP.  Panelists:  TBA

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